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Anera Consulting

Anera Consulting specializes in Telecom & High-tech sectors. 

Expertise is in LTE, 5G, LEO Satellite, Fixed Wireless including Design, Architecture, Budgeting, Vendor negotiations, Project Management, Deployment, Operations, Regulatory, Security and M&A.

Email us: [email protected] 

Anera Properties

Anera Properties owns, operates and manages apartment & rental income properties in the Brandon Area.  
  • Current Renter with a concern?
  • Distressed Home for sale?
  • Need to sell quickly?
  • We also buy ugly houses.   

Email us: [email protected] 

Anera Markets, Vending & Coffee

Anera Markets, Vending & Coffee operate the largest Micromarket, Snack & Coffee  service in Western Manitoba. 

visit us:

Email us: [email protected]
Call Carolyn for info at: (844) 256-8310

Qualify for a free vending machine?     Email us at [email protected]

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